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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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heat up three, dwyane wade adds a little insurance with a sweet jumper. davis had 29 for the pelicans. the heat hold on for the 94-88 win. a big win for miami on christmas day. nightly news is coming up next. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. tonight, the rising toll from those violent storms. tornados tearing across the south. a growing tragedy tonight as homeowners struggle to pick up the pieces and search teams look for any remaining victims. the celebration across the country and around the world this christmas. a holiday of weather extremes. record heat and snow and some feeling frozen out when the holiday packages didn't make it in time. grown revolution. up to a million get them for christmas, wait until you see the incredible ways they are changing how so many live their lives and hollywood
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a blockbuster new film and a doctor that made a shocking discovery. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. i'm thomas roberts. lester has the night off. as most people around the country are safely celebrating the holiday tonight, christmas this year for people in mississippi, tennessee and arkansas is like no other. the death toll has risen to 14. ages 7 to 70. after a violent system of tornados devastating a swath of the country, making for catastrophic clean-up from the deep south extending north to michigan. and to add insult to injury, another wallop of weather could hit the south as millions of holiday travellers are expected to return home on the roads or in the air. we begin tonight with nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: in holly springs, mississippi, families spent
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to salvage christmas. >> speak of the grinch that stole christmas. but spared our lives. >> reporter: the spirit of giving took on new meaning in this community, with donations pouring in. christmas toys along with food and clothing. >> we came out with the clothes we had on our backs. >> when something happens like this, we all come together and make sure everybody is taking care of. >> reporter: as many as 20 homes are gone around clarksdale. >> my heart goes out to these people. they are in pain and it hurts me to see them suffer. >> reporter: so far three people are confirmed dead across three states. youngest was nicholas who was killed in mississippi. >> there is a parent out there that doesn't have their kids. >> reporter: max and ellen kroxton together for 30 years died this their home. their daughter took to facebook adding, i know i will see them again one day. it doesn't make the heartache any less painful though.
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and his 69-year-old killed. three teenagers also died in that state. the warm weather system is blamed for the torrential rain in georgia. >> that is, i think, our picnic table on the deck. trapped dozens of residents in their homes. in alabama several families had to be rescued and millions are bracing for more flash floods through the night. mark potter, nbc news. >> rough situation at any time of the year but especially at christmas and some of them are thought of tonight. elsewhere across the country in today, church services and celebrations and air-conditioning for many on the warmest christmas ever recorded. plenty of happy faces playing with new toys an gadgets, but for some disappointment when the promised deliveries didn't make it in time. kristen dahlgren wraps it up. >> at fedex today there was no christmas break. a last-minute scramble
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volunteered to get gifts where they need to be. the shipping giant slammed on social media for not delivering packages on time. one mom posting i hope to find a open store. >> marty's holiday sweets are stuck in transit. >> many me bake goods arrive moldy, it is what it is. and hopefully i'll get a refund. >> reporter: in a statement, fedex said they are doing everything possible to get customer shipments delivered by christmas. in spite of slight delays due to heavier than planned last-minute shipment volumes and severe weather outbreaks. there are weather country. in new york, the headline sauna claus says it all. the mercury soaring to a record high of 66. santa hats topping sleeveless shirts. and ice cream replacing cocoa. >> what do you guys think about eating ice cream on christmas? >> i like it. >> reporter: so does
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>> best christmas ever. >> reporter: it was a golfers paradise near providence. >> i was going to put my shorts on. >> reporter: while in buffalo, where christmas is usually ien y encased in ice, there were jet skis an scuba diving. but there is a flip side out west. reno saw it piling up. in washington state, some drivers were stranded after snow closed i-90. >> you just have to roll with it. >> reporter: for u.s. troops far from home, it was about making the best of it. with a holiday meal and messages to loved ones. the pope had a christmas message as well. calling for peace in the new year. while back in new york, christmas newborns were welcomed by santa himself. and here in rockefeller center tonight, the warm weather isn't stopping anyone's christmas spirit. you could see how many people are out to see the tree. many of them telling us they will take this weather as a gift, thomas. knowing winter will
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>> it all helps them get the selfie by the tree. kristen, thank you very much. merry christmas to you. we want to check in with wnbc's david price and talk about the temperature. we see this above-average temperature continuing for much of the country. but explain what we are looking at over the weekend especially for the rush back home for many. >> we have violent weather through many parts of the country. moments before we went on the air we heard of a tornado in the area of the south side of birmingham, alabama. to the troubles continue, thomas. it may be a holiday for some but mother nature is working over time. a post-campus storm will add to the weather troubles in the south and the southeast. and blizzard conditions are affecting sections of western texas and eastern new mexico. and now a thunderstorm providing troubles from texas to oklahoma and into mississippi. and then heavy, flooding rains working through the deep south up through the ohio river valley. portions of the northern plains could see six to ten inches or more of snow from tonight into saturday
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and finally, the northeast, where all of these record-setting temperatures have been, will finally see winter-like conditions for the first half of next week. the same storm slamming the south will swing up to the interior sections by monday afternoon bringing snow to much of new england and a wintry mix to pittsburgh, new york, connect and rhode island. >> thank you, appreciate it. tonight a new fight over illegal immigration. a a mid word the fed is planning raids to report hundreds of families from central america that have surged across the southern border. the 2016 candidates are already weighing in and kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: during the obama's hawaiian holiday, his administration is working up a new plan to deal with one of the hottest issues on the campaign trail. >> if you didn't bring up illegal immigration, which is a huge problem, we wouldn't be talking about it. >> our immigration system is broken.
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>> reporter: tonight, this new action involves plans to carry out raids across the country, to deport a few hundred undocumented immigrants from central america, already ordered to leave by u.s. courts. immigration and custom enforcement said the focus on those who pose a threat to national security, border security. but relatives, undocumented spouses and children with no criminal records would be sent back too. drawing sharp criticism from the president's political left. bernie sanders writes, i'm very disturbed. hillary clinton has real concerns and points to the need for a full and fair hearing. but the gop front-runner eagerly claimed credit. in classic trump-tweet speak. wow, because of the pressure put on by me ice to launch large-scale deportation raids. it's about time. experts say announcing the plan now over the christmas holiday is meant to maximize
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in central america. >> the government is sending a political message to americans that they will enforce immigration law and in central america, if they try to come here illegally the government will send them back. >> reporter: and tonight the white house isn't commenting as the obamas celebrate the christmas holiday and visit troops based here in hawaii. officials from homeland security called this part of normal operations for recent border crossers who do not qualify for asylum in the u.s. thomas. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting from a picture-esque honolulu. kelly, thank you. for than three decades since the worldwide hostage drama in iran. the americans held captive and finally won millions of dollars in restitution. part of a huge spending bill passed by congress and signed into law by the president. each of the 53 hostages or their estates will receive up to $4.4 million in compensation for the ordeal which lasted 444 days. vikes of terrorist attacks such as the
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bombies in east africa will be eligible for benefits. one of the topics likely being discussed this week as families get together is the threat of terrorism after what we've seen late this year in san bernardino and paris. tonight we have an in side look at the ring leader of the paris attacks who made a name by himself by documenting his reign of terror inside. we have rarely seen images and videos that something about the future of isis. >> reporter: this is a virtual diary of. photos and individuals belonging to abba you'd, the ringleader of the paris attacks. >> you could clearly recognize him here in the middle. i would say at least three quarters of the material you showed me is new to me. >> for experts and officials that have reviewed the images, they offer a rare inside glimpse into
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>> the material is extremely interesting. and it is important because it gives us an insight about what life is about in the land of isis. >> reporter: the photos and videos which first surfaced in 2014 show him recording horrific scenes of death and brutality, joking about beheadings and posing lime any other 20-something. >> the fact he is taking selfies and doing videos is the ultimate self glorification. making himself a made man. >> reporter: syrian pro-democracy activists secretly got their hands on the material. one who calls himself ali appeared on condition his true identity was concealed. >> when you saw the pictures of the paris ringleader's images on news channels around the world, a bulb went off and you said i've seen this guy before. >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: he was able to commit atrocities, honing his
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terror attacks unscathed. he is seen wearing a go-pro camera to further document his rein of terror. he was from belgium and able to travel in and out of syria several times exploiting europe's porous borders and lack of intelligence sharing. >> how come he was not arrested. he was not identified. this of course, leading to the big failures of intelligence. >> reporter: those intelligence failures are there for all to see in the video clips. his associates are seen trying to recruit for isis. some of the same images from his phone were shown on television in europe ten months before the paris attacks. and authorities were still unable to catch him. >> the fact that his face was in public view all over europe and he was still able
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incredible. >> thomas, the concern among western security officials remains the number of european and american passport holders who are fighting in syria and could return to europe and the united states while planning their thomas. >> nbc's a men thank you. still ahead on this christmas night, in america. one of the most popular gift this is holiday season. wait until you see some of the amazing ways they changing how and work. also, a milestone so exciting, packed crowds just can't get enough. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it
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by some estimates, up to a million americans woke up this morning to find a drone under the tree for christmas. one of the most popular gifts and that has the government worried about crowded skies and close-calls with planes, which is why all of those drones are now required to be registered with the faa. but the drone revolution taking place in this country isn't just for personal use. unmanned aircraft are revolutionizing business and improving safety and changing the way we see our world. and as nbc's tom costello reports, the pace of change is catching many by surprise. >> reporter: ski season was still weeks away in vermont, this fall. when the annual lift inspection came in the form of a fly-by.
6:47 pm
photos and shooting video of the pulleys and cables that will carry 150,000 skier this is winter. then a close-up look at a nearby wind farm looking for cracks in the turbines. >> the beauty is that now we don't need to send somebody up there to just check on it. >> a big improvement in safety and a cost saving as approaching 90%. nationwide, this is the year drones have gone from gimmick to revolutionary to indispensable. providing instant aerial recon of a farm's props. measuring the shrinking arctic ice pack and surveying off shore ice rigs. and among the most popular, commercial real estate and film and photography. the faa has issued more than 2100 exceptions for commercial drone use n. maryland kevin has invested in a drone and hd cameras to help realtors market their homes on the internet. >> we are sitting here
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you can't capture that with a photograph. >> reporter: the business of drones is taking off. california leads the country with the most operators, followed by florida and texas. in marion, texas, usaa insurance is testing drones homing inspectors won't have to spend 45 minutes looking at roof damage. >> with a one-minute flight time to gather the data, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. >> reporter: the drone revolution is about speed and safety and spectacular imagery. to wedding and ski races to mountain biking. and researchers have been scrutinizing overhead views of endangered killer whales nursing young off sooemt. as we get a bird's eye view of the planet we share. tom costello, nbc news, westminster, maryland. up next, the new hollywood thriller [cough, cough] mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my
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his nose so bright went enough to light the way, santa claus had plenty of help from the moon. a rare full moon on christmas. the first since 1977. the next christmas full moon won't happen until the year 2034. a big new movie is hitting theater this is campus day and the nfl is taking notice. because it is all about concussion. the long-term dangers of the hard hits to the head and the doctor who made a startling discovery. brake mccoy has our report. >> reporter: a true story now told on the big screen about a doctor who took on the nfl. >> i want to solve the problem. >> who are you? >> you continue to den any my work. your men continue to die. >> reporter: will smith played a medical examiner in pittsburgh who became the first to discover in football players, cte,
6:53 pm
receival onnagy. blows to the head causing serious long-term brain damage. a discovery getting new national attention. >> it is impacting solve nfl players. >> i think it is over 90% of all professional football players. there has not been a brain of a professional football player examined that did not show cte. >> mike webster was the first of so many, including junior seau and the late frank gifford. their cte discovered in autopsies after death. this week the government announced a $16 million effort to identify cte in living patients. >> you can't really understand the risk factors for cte if we only examine it after people die. >> as the movie "concussion" grows to adding concerns about the nfl. quote, the nfl has made numerous changes to the game to enhance player health and safety at all levels of football. they are also funding research and
6:54 pm
protective equipment. moviegoers drawing their on conclusion this is afternoon. >> this movie has changed my perception as far as football is concerned and understanding just how many these guys go through. >> an unflattering spotlight on america's favorite sport. plaque mccoy, nbc news, los angeles. when we come back, behind the scenes with perhaps the most famous chorus line in the world celebrating a big milestone. my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste... p ...and mouthwash make my whole mouth feel amazing. and my teeth stronger. pcrest pro-healthpadvanced is superior in these 5 areas dentists check. this is gonna go well, for sure. advance to a healthier stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. great check up.
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finally tonight, an annual christmas tradition is celebrating 90 years of high kicks and ringing in the season in style. the world famous radio city rockettes perform here at rockefeller center and we sent rehema ellis behind the scenes to see what keeps packed crowds coming back year after year. >> reporter: it is the signalure look that looks fresh every time. but the dazzling rockettes are high kicking into a milestone. this year celebrating 90 years as a dance troop. the group was formed in 1925 as the missouri rockets. when they made it no new york a few years
6:58 pm
instant sensation. the ultimate american chorus line. of precision and science. >> they have such an amazing amount of strength. you could throw any dance style at them and they will do it. they are so well-versed in every different style. >> reporter: each year about a thousand try out for the show. only a handful make it. height between 5'6" and 5'10". and they stay in. >> this is my fifth year. i work hard every year to come back. >> known for the in-line kicks. the rockettes reveal a secret. look closely. >> most people think that we touch. but we don't touch. we hold our own. and we have to be strong enough to do so because we do over 300 kicks in one show. >> with the sparkling costumes and the precision kicks, the world famous rockettes, 90 years in the making and living
6:59 pm
rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. certainly hope for another 90 more. >> that will do it for us on this christmas night. for lester holt. for all of us at nbc watching.


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